Blue Hills Honey

Blue Hills Honey is one of Tasmania’s leading honey producers and exporters, with premium natural honey sourced exclusively from the pristine Tarkine wilderness area.

Several varieties of multi-award winning honey are produced by Robbie and Nicola Charles at Blue Hills Honey at Mawbanna, near Dip Falls, in the north west of Tasmania. Whilst specialising in leatherwood honey, a wide range, such as meadow (clover), blackberry, manuka (tea tree) and wild flower are also produced.

Blue Hills harvest their honey from one of the most untouched and natural regions of the world, the Tarkine forest, the largest temperate rainforest area in Australia and credits the Tasmanian wilderness for the superb flavours produced by bees feeding on leatherwood tree nectar, which lends a unique taste; packaged and delivered straight from the honey combs without additives. The facility uses a cold extraction process, with temperatures less than 45 degrees C to retain the natural flavours of the honey.

Tasmania is the only place in the world where leatherwood honey is produced and Blue Hills are the only beekeepers licensed to operate in the heart of the pristine, temperate rain forests of the Tarkine with 1,700 hives spread across 18 sites.

Honey is packaged in jar sizes from 125g upward, suitable to take home as gifts for friends or relatives, to honey pails and 300 kg drums, destined for wholesale and premium export markets.

The Farm Shop is opened from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Tours are by prior arrangement.
Nicola, Robbie and staff invite you to visit and taste their quality products.